4 Brief Reasons You Should Switch Up Your E-juice Flavors

4 Brief Reasons You Should Switch Up Your E-juice Flavors

The possibility of improving the taste of your e-juice from LoadUp Vape Supply is yours ! Of course this goes hand in hand with picking two that mix well together. Is there a possibility you may have just created your own invention? This is the simplest of answers as to why one would benefit from changing up flavors, but changing up juices goes much deeper than that. We are here to examine the four essential reasons you should change them up from time to time.


Brief Reason to Switch up Your Flavor #1: Vaper’s Tongue

Vaper’s tongue is a term which refers to a condition where the individual unexpectedly and without warning, experiences a diminished experience of flavor(s) during their vaping session, as if the ability to taste were dramatically reduced or diminished. You see, after some time, you get so used to that e-juice flavor, because you vape it over and over again, that you no longer taste that flavor, which can have a negative impact towards your entire vaping experience. Increasing the dosage could be a possible solution, but this would only be a temporary fix. What you really need to do is simply switch up flavors. You don’t need to dramatically switch, such as going from mint to a dessert vape, but finding a flavor closely related to it, could be a start in slowly transitioning your flavor palate.

Brief Reason to Switch up Your Flavor #2: Ensuring Freshness

Ensuring the freshness of your e-liquid is extremely important when vaping. Air, light and heat are not the juice’s best friend. Proper storage when going from juice to juice in your vape collection means a clean flavor, a fresher taste, and more vapor. If you ask several vapers, most should be able to agree on the freshness being a top priority. Where we discussed vaper’s tongue as number one, the opposite can happen by changing up the juices. More sense of taste can begin to be noticed, as well as your sense of smell. Different tastes have also been proven to be therapeutic.

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Brief Reason to Switch up Your Flavor #3: PG and VG

The more PG in the e-liquid, the more of a tingle in the throat (the throat hit); and the additional flavor will be evident, too. That being said, you will want to find what best suites you. You may prefer less taste. Over time, your issue may be getting used to a certain level or ratio of PG. That is when you might need to up or lower the PG amount. An indicator can be a sore throat, headaches, and more frequent dehydration. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) controls the amount of vapor that is put out. The PG and VG are the types of nicotine outputs in the juice. Also, there are juices out there that don’t contain any PG or VG, so that could also be an option for you.


Brief Reason to Switch up Your Flavor #4: Morning Dehydration

Jumping more into dehydration, the first morning hit may be the best thing you will feel all day. However, it may actually be the worst thing for you. You have just gone hours without a consistent amount of water. A solution to this is simply changing up the vape juice to that of a smaller PG and VG level.

Additional Tip - Clear The Vape Tank: To clear out the tank, put in the new e-juice and take 5-7 puffs without inhaling. This should force the old juice out of the coil head and start wicking the new juice.

Hopefully, these tips have been useful when it comes to identifying when it might be time to switch up your e-juice flavors.