A Scorching Nic Salt E-Liquid Question: When is Hot Too Hot?

If you’re a salt nic lover, then we imagine that during this warm weather, you’re embracing seasonal summertime flavors that satisfy your taste buds while keeping your palate feeling nice and refreshed. But, even the most high-end salt-based nicotine e-juices require specific conditions in order to give you the satisfaction that you desire each time you pull on your pod mod’s mouthpiece. During the summertime, the biggest threat to your vapes is – you guessed it – heat. Many of us underestimate just how much the heat of the summer can damage our e-liquids if we are not careful.

What Does Heat do to Salt Nic E-Liquid?

The two main elements that can be damaging to your salt nic e-liquid are heat and light – two things that are highly abundant once summer comes around. What both of these elements do is cause the process of oxidization at a fast rate. Oxidization is the introduction of oxygen into the chemical composition in a formula, which causes molecular changes that alter your overall experience. Essentially, what oxidization does is cause certain molecules to bond together, allowing others to evaporate.

When we steep our e-liquids, we embrace the process of oxidization. So, why is it such a bad thing in this context? Well, the process of steeping usually involves storing vape juices in a cool and dark place. Therefore, the oxidization is controlled in that the oxygen intake is incredibly low due to the lack of heat and light. Heat and light exposure speed up the oxidization process, however. While steeping in a cool and dark place allows the molecules to break down gradually in a way that’s favorable in terms of flavor and nicotine strength, over-oxidizing, as the result of heat and light exposure, causes them to break down so severely that much of the flavor and nicotine have the potential to completely evaporate.

Vaping Nicotine Salts in the Summertime: Watch That Temperature

When the summer hits, it’s important to pay close attention to how your salt nic vape juice is being stored. One huge no-no is leaving your vape juice outside, whether it be in bottles or in your pod cartridge, attached to your device. Because of the oxidization process discussed above, you can understand what will likely happen to your vape juice if it’s left outside during the summer. Not only will the high heat levels play a role in breaking down the composition, but so will the bright sun exposure that’s inevitable during this time of year. Be mindful that leaving your goods in your car is an equal threat, as well as leaving them by a sunny window where your vape juice can get direct sunlight all day.

Basically, the ideal place to store your vapes, regardless of the time of year, is a cool and dark place such as a closet, drawer or cabinet. These areas stay cool and dark regardless of external circumstances, which means that it’s a controlled environment that will reduce the likelihood of over-oxidization. Therefore, heat and light can’t damage your vape juice at a rapid pace when you store it properly. This goes for your device as well, which contains a pod cartridge filled with vape juice.

Other Ways to Accidentally Overheat Your Salt Nic Vape Juice

The summer weather isn’t the only threat to your salt nic e-liquid. Your pod mod, like all vaping hardware, relies on heat to turn the e-liquid into vapor – that’s the science behind vaping, after all. But many of us who are new to pod systems don’t realize that we don’t need the high output levels that we’re used to with sub-ohm setups in order to enjoy a satisfying vape. So, what do we do? Well, we opt for the highest output options available, thinking that it will give us huge clouds and full flavor, while low output levels will disappoint in both departments.

The thing about salt nic e-liquid is that it doesn’t require extremely high output levels in order to give us a satisfying experience. In fact, setting your wattage or temperature settings too high can simply burn the e-liquid in a way that ruins all that you’ve poured into your tank. Further, it can cause the salt-based nicotine to become quite harsh in a way that’s simply unpleasant.

So, how do you know which settings to use without burning your e-liquid? Well, if you are using a pod system that offers adjustable wattage, voltage or temperature control, start with the lowest setting available and slowly work your way up in very small increments. This way, you’ll find your sweet spot without risking burning your vape juice because of an output level that’s too high. Because once that e-liquid is burned, it’s no longer good and must be discarded, which is quite a waste to say the least.

Savor Your Salt-Based Vapes

Once the summer season hits, it’s important to take extra care when using and storing your vapes. Heat can cause your e-liquid to rapidly deteriorate on a molecular level, which can result in vape juice that’s simply unusable. Use this guide to protect your salt nic e-liquids all summer long so that they can continue to satisfy you as much as possible.