A Step-by-Step Guide to Using the VooPoo DRAG 2 Kit with UFORCE T2 Tank

VooPoo sure does make some exceptional hardware, and the DRAG 2 Kit with UFORCE T2 Tank is certainly no exception. For this high-performance vaping system, the brand did not hold back in any way. Each component is made with the very latest technology for a stellar vaping experience. From the portable design of the mod to the unbeatable GENE.Fit chip that speeds up ramp-up time like nobody’s business, this kit is a serious vaper’s dream.

If you’re ready to invest in the VooPoo DRAG 2 Kit, read this guide so that you can set it up properly and enjoy it at its fullest potential.

Step #1: Take the VooPoo DRAG 2 out of its box. Find the battery compartment that’s located on the bottom of the mod. Then, into this compartment, place two fully charged 18650 batteries. *Note that the box contains several spare parts and a user manual. Keep these items in the box as they will likely be useful at a later time.*

Step #2: Locate the UFORCE T2 Tank. Into the tank’s juice well, pour about 5mL of e-liquid. The maximum fill line on the tank will let you know when you’ve poured in enough e-liquid.

Step #3: Now, select which coil you would like to use. This kit comes with the U2 and N3 coils. However, it’s actually compatible with all ten of the UFORCE coils that were made for this tank. If you’re happy with the coils that came with the kit, choose which one you prefer. Each coil boosts your vaping session in its own unique way and requires a different output range.

Step #4: It’s now time to prime your coil. Pour a bit of e-juice onto each section in which there is exposed cotton. Then, allow your coil to sit for about ten minutes before screwing it into your tank.

Step #5: Screw the tank onto the mod. Then, turn your device on. The display screen on the side should light up.

Step #6: Use the display screen and the two small navigation buttons beneath it to select your settings.

Final Step: Take a nice, big hit and enjoy your vaping experience!

As you can see, the VooPoo DRAG 2 Kit with UFORCE T2 Tank is an extraordinary vaping system that’s powerful, compact and made with some of the most brilliant technology that we have ever seen.