A Throat Hit Matters For Your Vaping Pleasure

What is a throat hit and why is it important? Someone who used to smoke cigarettes is familiar with the concept of throat hit whether they realize it or not. Throat hit is that sensation in the back of your throat, that little kick that sometimes makes you cough when smoking or vaping. It is present in tobacco and e-liquid containing nicotine.

When someone first transitions from traditional cigarettes, it is vitally important to find an e-liquid with the right amount of nicotine to satisfy the cravings that accompany quitting tobacco. This greatly increases the chances that they will continue to vape instead of smoke. One of the biggest reasons people give up when trying e-cigs is that they cannot make this connection.

How to Increase Throat Hit

Two main factors increase throat hit in vaping. The device you use and the e-liquid you use.

When choosing an e-liquid, make sure to pick one with nicotine content comparable to the cigarettes you used to smoke. If you smoked the popular brands' full-flavored variety you will want a liquid with 18-24 mg of nicotine. The 8-12 mg is comparable to a medium strength cigarette and 6mg or less is equivalent to a light. Also, when choosing your e-juice, look for one that has a higher PG Ratio. This will allow you to get a better throat hit.

The second factor in increasing throat hit is the device used. As beginners, most people start out with the small 510 battery and cartridge unit sometimes referred to as a cig-a-like because they closely resemble tobacco cigarettes. Once they are accustomed to the use of this device and want more power or longer battery life they switch to a larger ego-style battery with a tank system. This style of battery generates more heat measured in watts or volts to vaporize the juice creating fuller, thicker vapor and a stronger throat hit.

A third factor, one that is not so common, that can also affect throat hit is airflow. The amount of air that passes through your device can make the draw tight or airy. An airy draw is when too much air passes through and makes you want to draw harder on the device to get the same amount of flavor and vapor. A tight draw or one with a small amount of airflow can make the draw too harsh producing coughing. Either one of these two problems results in a less-than-satisfying experience.

If your device seems too airy there are a couple of ways you can make it better. If using a device with a cartridge, look for small holes where the battery and cartridge meet when assembled. Some cartridges have two or more tiny air holes at the base. You can safely cover one of these holes without fear of damaging the battery. Now take a draw and see how that feels. If you find that you prefer this feeling, it may be time to upgrade to a stronger device with adjustable airflow.

Why it is Important to Get the Right Throat Hit?

Throat hit is something that is expected when vaping and if the sensation isn't there or isn't quite right, it affects the vaping experience. If it is too weak it can seem like you are just inhaling air (unless you prefer chasing large and thick vape clouds), and if it is too strong you will cough and end up with a sore throat. Finding a balance that is just right is key to a successful transition away from smoking.

When you find something that works, stick with it. Throat hit is very important to some and having the right strength of nicotine, PG ratio, and the right device makes all the difference between continuing to vape and reverting to smoking again.