Be Careful Not to Overheat Your MOD!

So, you’re ready to take the next step in your vaping journey into the world of MODs. You have a sense of what MOD you want, and you might always have some e-juices ready to vape with. However, one of the most common problems vapers experience is their MOD overheating.

Here are a few brief tips to help you keep your mod from overheating:

Quality is Key
Every vaper hopes to get a great deal on their equipment/build/setup, but it is vital to buy top-quality vaping technology to minimize risk. Check to make sure there is proper ventilation and that there is a quality coil inside that operates within safe voltage parameters. Your equipment is an investment, so make it a good one. If you're new to vaping, we have the experience when it comes to helping customers choose custom MODs.

Pay Attention to the Temperature
Lithium-ion batteries cannot handle temperatures more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit without sustaining damage to the cell. At best, this means the battery will go dead at a quicker rate. At worst, if your hardware is exposed to high enough temperatures, the battery will rupture and cause an explosion. So, keep your vaping equipment out of hot cars, direct sunlight or anywhere that can get too hot.

Regulate Your Usage
Depending on what type of MOD you're using, especially if you're sub-ohm vaping, you will need to pay close attention to the length of your vaping sessions. Over-vaping or "power vaping" can lead to a dry coil, which is a prime situation for overheating. Turn down the voltage, shorten your vape sessions or take slower, more deliberate hits to reduce the risk of overheating your coil this way.

Vaping with MODs doesn't have to be complicated or risky. Simply follow these quick tips for an awesome vaping experience with minimal MOD overheating.