Brief and Basic Tips for Attempting to Repair a Broken Box MOD

The worst thing in world has happened: your Box MOD stopped working! Okay, so there are worse things that can happen, but a broken box MOD is up there. Hopefully, if you follow some of these tips you'll be back to puffing on giant clouds in no time.

Brief and Basic Tip #1: Check the Power

If you aren’t getting any power, it could simply be a dead battery. However, you would have had an indication that the battery was on its way out if it wasn’t holding a charge the way it used to. Sometimes batteries just stop working. If you’ve a spare, or a friend with a spare (check to make sure the battery is compatible with the MOD) testing your MOD with a known working battery is a good place to start. If you don't have a spare, and your battery didn't give you the telltale signs of being on its last legs, don’t rush out to buy a new one yet. Test your MOD with a multimeter. If you don't have a multimeter, they are easily available at most hardware and auto supply stores for under $20. If you don't want to buy one, you can try to see if an auto parts store has one at their counter that you can use or ask a friend who has tools (multimeters are common tools to have for handy folks). The multimeter will tell you if your MOD is passing current. If it is passing current, it may be a safe bet that you need a new battery.

Brief and Basic Tip #2: Check the Contact Point

If you’re getting power, but your vape tank is unable to product vapor or is limited with the vapor production, it may be that your contact point is dirty. Simply remove your tank from the threading and check for corrosion and grime. This occurs more frequently with pen style vapes but is known to happen from time to time with Box MODs as well. If there is corrosion, using a small piece of steel wool can clean away corrosion. Using a pencil eraser is a good way to push the steel wool firmly against the contact. You can use some rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip to clean away grime.

Brief and Basic Tip #3: Coil is done

If you have power, your contacts are clean, and you're still not getting any vapor, it might be that the coil is done. If you haven't already checked your coil, now would be a good time to do so. Try your tank/coil on another battery or MOD.

Brief and Basic Tip #4: Open The MOD

If none of that worked, you may need to open your MOD and check for lose or broken connections. Usually the screws to open MODs are under the battery. This route isn’t recommended unless you are good with a soldering iron and comfortable with taking apart small electronics and able to put them back together.

Well, if none of the above solves your problem, you may need to seek out the assistance of a vape shop that does repairs. However, be mindful that often, repairs may cost as much as a new MOD. This is because it is a very specialized repair that’s not readily available.