Clean Vape Batteries Can Go A Long Vaping Way

Clean your batteries for better vaping

Most of the items you use in your daily life inevitably become dirty no matter how careful you are. Vaping devices are some of these items that you use daily and if they are not cleaned, these devices can collect a lot of microorganisms and become unsafe to use. Everyone should be worried about germs due to the infections they bring and it is, therefore, important to observe sanitation. Besides protecting yourself from infections, keeping every part of your vaping device clean extends its lifespan. The following excerpt looks at the importance of having a clean battery in your vaping device

How Often Should You Clean the Battery?

The battery of your vaping device should be cleaned regularly since it is the part which picks a lot of dirt. You expose the device to germs each time you use it or lend it to someone else. When wiping the tank connection area, LED displays, or USB connectors, do not use cleaning wipes. You should let these parts dry naturally before you decide to use the device again. 

Cleaning the Battery

Most people clean their device and forget to tend to the battery. Each time the battery is recharged, it should be wiped down and disinfected. The connection which is located between the tank and the battery ensures that the device is performing properly. It is where electricity is converted to heat and in turn, the heat vaporizes the e-liquid, thereby, producing a vapor that is full of flavor. When the connection is dirty, it becomes difficult for power to flow with ease making the device function poorly. 

What Makes A Battery Become Dirty?

The connection to the battery is mostly soiled by a leaking tank. Juice leaking from the tank becomes sticky acts as a hindrance to the proper functioning of the device once it builds up. Dirty hands may cause grime build up as well. A fall may also cause the device to fail since the connection might break during the process. It isn't always the dirt that causes the device to perform poorly. Devices that use USB charging may not receive charge once the port is clogged due to dirt build up. 

How to Clean Your Battery

Cleaning your battery only takes a few steps and you will never experience device failure due to a faulty battery. To clean your battery, you should wet some cotton with alcohol and rub the connection gently. You should then do the same to the air holes. The dirt that has built up there will be wiped out and your device will be good to go. 

Cleaning Your E-Cigarette, MOD, or Portable Vaporizer

Maintaining cleanliness ensures that the e-cigarette produces vapor efficiently and that the battery serves you as long as it’s supposed to. The atomizers may be affected if the device is dirty. Residuals of the e-liquid may collect on the inside walls causing a change in flavor. To clean it, you should disassemble it then use a paper towel to clean the connection ports and the battery plus its compartment as well. 

You can clean the air holes using a toothpick though it is unlikely that the air holes will be clogged with build-up since they limit airflow. When cleaning a portable vaporizer or e-cigarette, you will follow the same procedure but will have to clean the air holes thoroughly since they do not limit airflow. MODs create more vapor and therefore require additional attention. For the MOD, you should take more time cleaning the battery since it occupies most of the space.

Safety Reasons For Keeping Your Battery Clean and Its Effects on Vapor Production

Just like other batteries, the batteries used for vaping devices are prone to explosion if they are clogged. Most of these explosions, though rare, are caused by shorting during charging. If the connection isn't cleaned, current does flow smoothly to the lithium ion battery and an explosion maybe the result. This can cause you great harm.

Also, a dirty vaping device may be the cause of low vapor production. When you notice low vapor production, you should immediately check the battery connector. Usually, it doesn't allow air to pass through if it is clogged. Make sure you wipe it together with the air holes to have maximum vapor production. 

When you take care of your device and ensure that it is clean throughout, the battery will always perform as if it is new. It will also serve you for a long period making sure you enjoy using your vaping device.