Does E-Juice with Nicotine Salts Evaporate Faster Than Freebase?

Switching from freebase nic e-liquids and a sub-ohm setup to salt nic vape juices and a pod mod system requires quite a bit of adjustment. These two vaping styles are extremely different from each other, and any vaper who wants to convert to the pod life realizes that they have to learn a whole new set of vaping rules.

One common thing that vapers wonder is whether or not salt nic e-liquids evaporate at a faster rate than e-juices that are made with traditional freebase nicotine. We’re going to answer your question while explaining how these two types of nicotine differ from each other.

The Difference

As you probably know by now, nicotine salts are essentially nicotine compounds in their purest forms. While freebase nicotine goes through a process of chemical modification, nicotine salts are extracted straight from the tobacco plant and combined with benzoic acid. This combination allows the e-liquid to vape at low temperatures and not give users that unpleasant harshness that can ruin a vaping session. Therefore, these two types of nicotine are very different in terms of their molecular compositions. And, it’s known that salt-based nicotine is far more stable than its freebase counterpart, which is why many users find that pod-vaping is generally more consistently enjoyable than sub-ohm vaping.

While You’re Vaping

Many users want to know if they’ll go through more e-liquid after switching to salt-based nicotine e-juices. Is there something about nicotine salts that makes the e-juice evaporate at a faster rate while it’s being heated by the coil?

In fact, that’s likely not true. Because salt nic vape juices are vaped at lower wattage levels, you’ll probably find that you go through less e-liquid over time. And, besides, many users find that because of the potency of nicotine salts compared to that of freebase nicotine, they feel more satisfied after fewer puffs. Therefore, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to make that salt nic e-liquid last longer than vape juices made with freebase nic.

When You’ve Left E-Liquid to Sit

Interestingly, salt nic e-liquids oxidize at a slower rate than freebase nic e-liquids. That’s because nicotine salts are more stable, meaning they don’t break down as quickly. In other words, your salt nic vape juice won’t evaporate as quickly as your vape juice that’s made with freebase nicotine.

Ways to Prevent Losing Too Much Salt Nic Vape Juice Due to Evaporation

Although salt nic e-liquid evaporates more slowly, it does still evaporate. Here are some ways that you can avoid losing too much e-liquid as evaporation takes place.

Keep Your Pod System Away from High Heat and Bright Light

Bright light and high heat both speed up the evaporation process by breaking down the molecules in your vape juice.

Don’t Let Your E-Liquid Sit Too Long in Your Pod Cartridge

Your e-liquid is least likely to evaporate prematurely if it’s left in its original, sealed bottle. So, make sure that when you pour it into your pod cartridge, you vape it all instead of letting it sit in there for days.

Keep Your E-Juices Lasting Longer!

It’s true that vape juices made with nicotine salts evaporate at a slower rate than e-liquids made with freebase nicotine. However, any e-liquid is, well, a liquid, meaning that your salt nic juice can still evaporate more quickly than you’d like if you don’t take certain measures. Luckily, you can simply follow the tips above to avoid wasting precious e-juice due to evaporation.