E-Liquids: Flavor is Everything in Your Vape Juice

The world of vaping it seems has opened the door to a wide array of benefits. With all sorts of vape hardware being manufactured like crazy, vapers will no longer have to go out every morning and purchase a pack of cigarettes or deal with that horrible, hacking cough. 

Yet, one of the best aspects of using your electronic cigarette, portable vaporizer, vape pen, pod system or MOD is being able to choose the flavors of e-liquid in which to indulge in for a nice vape session. Flavor is everything when it comes to enjoying a couple puffs from your device. There are thousands of e-liquid flavors that you can chose from. For those especially new to vaping, continue reading to discover some of the best and most delicious flavors that are available to you.

Fruity Sensations

There are e-liquids which come in a variety of sweet, fruity flavors. Some of the most popular fruity e-liquid flavors include strawberry, grape, peach, banana, and apple. There are fruit punch varieties that combine many of everyone's favorite fruits all the way to fruity candies and desserts. These are surely a must try for vapers who enjoying the refreshing tastes that fruits have to offer the taste buds. 

Delightful Drinks

Inspired by drinks you know and love, and even those you don’t. Many of these featured beverage flavors can range from tropical Pina colada, mojitos or a sweet and tasty margarita; to lemonade and soda flavors. Furthermore, there are also more e-juice flavors that showcase the rich and bold taste of coffee, teas and cappuccinos.

Specialty Flavors

Perfect for vapers who enjoy the finer things in life, e-liquids also come in a variety of specialty flavors. Some of these flavors include peppermint, candy cane for the holidays, chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon. These flavors are great for when you are craving a little something different.

Desserts and Candy

Whether you crave cheesecake or bubblegum vape flavors, this is for the vaper that truly has a sweet tooth that needs to be tamed. There are fruity and sour candy mixes and dessert flavors that combine unique fruits and even candy to them. The range that dessert and candy flavors go is insanely long and believe me, you may never be able to try them all, but you’re welcome to try.

Typical Tobacco and Menthol 

For people who are having a hard time kicking the cigarette habit, they will be thrilled to know that there are tobacco flavored e-liquids to help curve those cravings. These liquids taste just like tobacco but do not come along with the nasty side effects of cigarettes. When vapers can indulge in the classic tobacco flavor, it makes the process of quitting smoking simpler to do. There are also menthol flavors for those who prefer a stronger taste. And lets no forget about the combinations: tobacco & fruit, tobacco & cream, tobacco & custard, tobacco & caramel, tobacco & honey, and even tobacco & menthol.

All in all, e-liquids are a crucial part of vaping. Luckily, there are an abundance of flavors that vapers can chose from to truly customize their vaping experience. There is a flavor that is sure to satisfy everyone's unique taste pallet, guaranteed at LoadUp Vape Supply!