Embracing The Winter Vaping Outdoors

Once we enter the winter season, we have to make certain lifestyle adjustments in order to deal with the cold weather. We have to take extra care to keep our immune systems healthy, our skin hydrated and our bodies warm. 

Believe it or not, our vaping lifestyle has to change as well. Cold, dry weather can affect everything from our batteries to our cloud production. The good news is that wintertime vaping doesn't require us to run out and purchase a whole new setup. There are some simple tips that you can follow to get the most out of those wintertime vape sessions.

Wintertime Vaping Tip #1: Keep Your E-Liquids Safe from Cold Weather

Your stash of e-juice needs to be cared for properly during the chilly winter months. Because it contains propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), two alcohol-based ingredients, it won't freeze into a solid mass if left outside overnight. However, its consistency may change enough to interfere with your ability to have an enjoyable vape. 

When e-liquid is exposed to freezing temperatures, it becomes thicker. This makes it harder for your coil to turn this liquid into puffy, tasty clouds. Plus, thicker uice is more likely to gunk up your coils. During the winter season, keep your bottles of juice in a warm place indoors. 

Wintertime Vaping Tip #2: Keep Your Batteries Warm

Your vape batteries also need to be kept warm during the winter months. Batteries in general consist of electrons that power your device. Your battery uses a good deal of energy in order to get those electrons moving. When a battery is cold, the electrons become lethargic. Therefore, it must use more energy to power your unit. 

The problem is that using more energy results in a compromised battery life. If frequently exposed to cold air, its capacity may decrease dramatically. Never leave your batteries outdoors during the winter season. 

Wintertime Vaping Tip #3: Keep Your Lips Extra Moisturized

Most drip tip materials are prone to becoming cold when exposed to chilly air. If you're constantly vaping outdoors during the winter season, you're gonna be pressing your lips against a very cold material frequently. As a result, your lips can become dry, cracked and chapped. 

If you vape outdoors during the winter, make sure that you keep your lips extra moisturized with a nourishing lip balm throughout the day.

Wintertime Vaping Tip #4: Increase Your PG Level for a Stronger Throat Hit

Because e-liquids become slightly thicker during the winter season, you might find that your throat hit is lacking. If a strong hit to the throat is what you crave when you vape, choose liquids that have more PG during this time of year. 

Wintertime Vaping Tip #5: Adjust Your VG Level for Perfect Cloud Production

Thicker juice means denser, larger clouds. While many vapers consider that a good thing, not everyone wants to blow massive fog all day long. If you want to tone down that vapor, choose an e-liquid that has a lower VG level. VG is a viscous ingredient that makes juice thicker, increasing cloud production as a result. 

Don’t Let the Cold Weather Stop You From Vaping

By following these quick and easy tips, your vaping life won't suffer just because of the fact that it's cold outside.