Feeling The Vaping Heat: Dealing with an Overheated Pod Mod

Now that you’ve traded in your complex, robust sub-ohm vaping setup for a convenient, portable and user-friendly pod mod kit, you’ve probably breathed a great sigh of relief. These devices are famously low-maintenance and require minimal knowledge of vaping technology in order to be fully enjoyed. They’re also less likely to give you errors or require replacement parts.

However, no matter what kind of vaping device you use, there’s always a chance that your mod will become overheated. Once this happens, it’s crucial that you take the necessary precautions to avoid permanently damaging your device or, even worse, harming yourself. An overheated pod mod can combust, putting you at serious risk of injury.

Why Do Pod Mods Get Overheated in the First Place?

A pod mod is an electronic device. Any electronic device is capable of overheating under certain conditions. There are really two parts of your pod mod device that can become overheated, and those are your battery and your coil. That’s because both of these components interact with battery connections that transfer heat in order to make your device function.

Your device can become overheated if you leave it outside on a hot day. In this case, the cause is environmental. Non-environmental causes include chain-vaping and overcharging. When you chain-vape, you don’t give your device a chance to cool down between uses. Overcharging, meanwhile, keeps the battery at a high temperature for an extended period of time, causing it to get way too hot to function properly. And, sometimes, it’s simply because your battery isn’t totally lined up with the battery connections inside the mod.

How Can I Tell if My Pod Mod is Overheated?

You’ll know if your mod is overheated if it feels unusually hot in your hand. You might also notice that the inside of your pod cartridge looks like it’s filled with steam. Or, perhaps your device just isn’t working properly.

If you suspect that your pod mod is overheated, allow it to cool down for a few minutes before taking it apart. Thoroughly check the components to make sure that everything is in its right place. Sometimes, a device can become overheated because a piece of the coil is loose, or the battery isn’t perfectly aligned with the connections.

How Can I Prevent My Pod Mod from Getting Overheated?

In order to prevent your pod mod from getting overheated, always try to store it in a cool, dark place when you’re not using it. Direct sunlight and excessive heat can do quite a bit of damage to your device. Also, if you’re a chain-vaper, consider waiting at least twenty seconds between each hit so that your coil and battery get a chance to return to their normal temperature. It’s also important that you never overcharge your device.

What Can I Do if My Pod Mod is Overheated?

If you think that your pod mod is overheated, the first thing to do is stop vaping it immediately. Continuing to hit an overheated pod mod will only further the potential damage. Once it doesn’t feel hot in your hand, take it apart and check the coil and the battery to make sure that they’re not melted or damaged. If they are, it’s time to purchase a new device.

However, if your battery and coil look good, just let your mod chill out for a while before you resume vaping. Usually, an hour or so is long enough.

Prevent This from Happening Again

While an overheated pod mod can be dangerous, there are some easy ways to prevent this common occurrence from happening.