Getting Vape Sized Up | LoadUp Vape Supply

Does size matter when it comes to vaping? For several years, a vaping device's ability to deliver a consistently satisfying experience was largely determined by its size. Those large, heavy box mods are capable of fitting enormous batteries and lots of technological components that allow for advanced customization. 

However, this industry has radically changed over the last year or so. Suddenly, compact, portable vaping systems are all the rage. Those who have been using box mods for a long time may be surprised to learn that many of these small vaping devices are just as capable of satisfying their needs. 

In fact, every component seems to be getting smaller. Even e-liquid bottles are sold in smaller quantities. We'll be discussing the newest changes in vaping technology so that you can understand why size no longer matters as it once did. 


Have you noticed that pod mods are everywhere? These slim, pocket-friendly vaping devices are becoming more and more popular as their technology continues to advance. If you've been vaping with a box mod for a while, you might struggle to believe that these small mods have what it takes to give you satisfying puffs that are full of vapor. 

However, today's pod systems are amazingly advanced. Their ability to please on every level has a lot to do with the batteries that are built into them. Once upon a time, vaping devices required enormous lithium-ion batteries in order to deliver intense power. Now, however, hardware manufacturers have found a way to install high-capacity batteries into these devices that are unbelievably small. 

Many of today's pod mods are loaded with advanced features that aren't too different from the ones that come with conventional box mods. There are plenty of them that allow you to adjust your airflow, set your wattage, explore temperature control settings and play around with various output modes. 


Vape coils are getting smaller as well. Now that hardware brands have started using materials like ceramic and mesh, they can create coils that are small, yet have a lot of surface heating area. Many manufacturers are creating extremely powerful yet small coils that are specially designed for the small devices that are popular right now.

E-Liquid Bottles

With the discovery of nicotine salts, bottles of e-juice have gotten smaller as well. If you use a pod device, you're probably finding that a little juice goes a long way. Those that contain nic salts deliver a much higher amount of nicotine per puff. As a result, nicotine-loving vapers don't have to take as many hits in order to get the satisfaction that they crave. 

Because vape juices made with nicotine salts are more potent, they're sold in smaller bottles. Vapers who enjoy this type typically find that they go through less juice over the course of time. 

Don’t Judge a Device by Its Size

As you can see, you shouldn't judge a piece of vaping hardware by its size. Thanks to amazing developments in vaping technology, small hardware products can satisfy your needs just as effectively as the larger products of yesteryear.