Getting Your Vaping Mix On!

If you’ve been dreaming up flavor blends in your mind but you’re not interested in going the full DIY route, you’ll be delighted to learn that there’s a happy medium. Flavor blending is an extremely simple way to create new blends of flavors that can satisfy your palate without requiring that you purchase a bunch of equipment and master chemistry. Basically, it puts you in charge of your flavor experience with far less work than making a vape juice from scratch.

Want to discover your inner flavor genius? We’re going to walk you through the flavor blending process so that you can be a pro in no time. Plus, we’ll give you some tips so that you can master the art of mixing flavors without making the mistakes that are common among first-timers.

All About Flavor Blending

Flavor blending really is as simple as it gets. It’s the process of combining two or more pre-made e-liquids in order to create a new flavor profile. It’s excellent for those who want to express their creative side while enjoying their vaping hobby.

In order to blend flavors properly, you just need some empty e-liquid bottles and a collection of pre-made e-liquids from brands that you know and trust. Take an empty bottle, make sure that it’s clean and remove its cap. Then, into that bottle, add a few different e-liquid flavors. Close the cap of the bottle containing this blend and shake it up for a few seconds. Then, you can pour the new flavor blend into your tank and enjoy your customized concoction.

Tips for Being a Master Flavor Blender

Now that you know about the simple process of flavor blending, it’s time to discover some tips and tricks.

Tip #1: Don’t Mix Ratios

It’s wise to avoid mixing VG/PG ratios when making a flavor blend. If you combine different ratios, you may end up with an e-liquid that doesn’t provide you with the experience that you want. For instance, different ratios give you different levels of vapor production.

Tip #2: Don’t Mix Types of Nicotine

You can’t combine a freebase e-liquid with a salt nicotine one. These two types require different devices and combining them can leave you with a juice that is unvapeable. Stick to one type of nicotine and use it with the device that’s best suited for it.

Tip #3: Small Batches are the Way to Go

In the beginning, resist the urge to make massive batches of flavor blends. While you’re just learning how to mix flavors, you might end up with some duds. If you made a huge batch of a flavor blend that doesn’t really taste great, you’ll have wasted lots of precious e-liquid.

Tip #4: Stick to Flavors that Work Together

It’s wise to start out by blending flavors that are known for complementing each other. Once you get the hang of the process, you can move onto more ambitious flavor profiles.

Tip #5: Quality Always Wins!

Always use high-quality e-liquids when blending flavors. You can’t simply make a cheap liquid taste better by mixing it with another flavor.

Satisfy Your Vaping Cravings by Joining the Flavor Blending Club

Flavor blending lets you create your own unique flavor profiles without all of the work associated with DIY vaping. By following this guide, you’ll be well on your way to creating exquisite, completely customized flavor blends.