Giving Your Nic Salt E-Liquids an Extra Boost

Are you a flavor chaser who has recently joined the salt nic bandwagon? If so, you might be wondering about what you can do to enhance the taste of your vaping experience without ruining the many unique qualities of nicotine salts. If you’ve been vaping for a while, you might be familiar with the concept of flavor boosting. So, can you apply this concept to salt-based nicotine vape juices as well?

What Does it Mean to Boost an E-Liquid Flavor?

Boosting an e-liquid flavor simply means adding extra flavoring ingredients to its formula. As you probably know already, every e-juice consists of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring extracts and, more often than not, nicotine. The flavoring makes up about ten percent of the vape juice.

Boosting a flavor means adding more flavor concentrate to an existing pre-made vape juice. This means that instead of your e-liquid being about ten percent flavoring, it’s anywhere from fifteen to thirty percent.

Flavor boosting allows you to enjoy a much fuller flavor while you vape. There are many reasons why vapers may wish to do this to their e-juices. For one thing, not all of us have sensitive taste buds, meaning that some of us need more flavor than others to feel satisfied. Additionally, some people just like a fuller, more pronounced flavor because of personal taste.

Can a Salt Nic E-Liquid Be Boosted?

The good news is that salt nic vape juice can absolutely be flavor boosted. Like freebase e-liquid, salt nic typically has about ten percent flavoring. So, adding a little more flavor concentrate will likely produce positive results if a strong flavor is what you’re going for.

The only difference between salt nic vape juice and freebase nic vape juice is the type of nicotine that’s used. That means that boosting the flavor of a salt nic e-juice will do pretty much the same thing as what would happen if you boosted the flavor of a freebase.

It’s actually a great idea to boost the flavor of your salt nic e-liquid because this type of vape juice utilizes an MTL (mouth-to-lung) system. This type of system is ideal for fans of bold flavor because of the way in which the vapor is drawn into the mouth. MTL systems require the user to pull on the device and allow the clouds to sit on the tongue for a moment before getting sucked into the lungs. This allows for a more intense flavor experience overall.

What Will Happen When I Boost My Salt Nic E-Liquid’s Flavor?

Boosting the flavor of a salt nic e-liquid will, obviously, enhance its flavor. Besides making the flavor more pronounced, it will make it more complex and much richer. Additionally, boosting its flavor will likely enhance the mouth-to-lung experience.

Go Ahead a Boost Away

As it turns out, you can most definitely boost the flavor of your salt nic vape juice just like you would a freebase nic vape juice. In fact, it just might enhance your vaping experience tremendously. Happy vaping!