Keep Calm And Vape During Allergy Season

Are you dealing with seasonal allergy symptoms right about now? Now that we’re deep into the month of spring, it seems like lots of our loved ones are dealing with stuffy noses, itchy eyes and congested throats. If you’re one of the unlucky ones who is suffering during this time of year, you’re probably wondering how much your vaping habit is contributing to those dreaded symptoms.

As you’ll see, vaping doesn’t have to interfere with your seasonal allergies. We’ll be explaining how to make the most of the springtime months while you get your vape on during allergy season.

Why Do Some People Get Seasonal Allergies in the First Place?

Have you ever wondered why some people have allergy symptoms while others don’t? Seasonal allergies have to do with the immune system. For millions of Americans, their immune systems wrongfully believe that pollen, grass and other common allergens are threats to our health. So, they go into overdrive, releasing antibodies that cause inflammation along the airways. That’s why we get those terrible symptoms like congestion and runny noses.

Can Vaping an E-Liquid Make Seasonal Allergy Symptoms Worse?

As it turns out, there has been no evidence that vaping makes allergies worse or better. Basically, if you have allergies, you have allergies, and vaping has little to do with it. Of course, the exception to this rule is if you’re vaping an e-liquid that contains an ingredient that you’re allergic to. During allergy season, your immune system is a bit weakened, which means that you might react to an ingredient more strongly than you normally do.

Your Guide to Vaping Your Way Through Allergy Season

Here are some tips to help allergy suffers continue to vape during this time of the year.

Tip #1: Stay on Top of Your Water Intake

Staying hydrated benefits every part of your body including your immune system. And, some vapers have found that chain-vaping causes them to feel a little dehydrated. So, make sure that during this time of year, you double up on your water intake to stay as healthy as can be while you vape.

Tip #2: Take Those Allergy Meds

Obviously, the best way to get through allergy season is to take your allergy meds. If over-the-counter pills don’t seem to do it for you, talk to your doctor about getting something that’s stronger. And, make sure that you take it consistently for the best results.

Tip #3: Stay Indoors if You Can

Do you usually vape outdoors because you don’t want to fill your home with vapor? Consider vaping indoors instead during allergy season. While vaping can cause massive clouds to fill your room, those clouds dissipate quickly because of the fact that you’re dealing with vapor, not smoke.

Tip #4: Close Those Windows

We also suggest keeping your windows closed during allergy season. Some people like to vape out their window, especially if they’re living with someone who doesn’t enjoy breathing in e-liquid vapor. However, keeping those windows open allows you to come into direct contact with the allergens that are causing your symptoms.

The easy solution is finding a cloth towel or some other piece of sturdy fabric that you can exhale your clouds into. The fabric will totally absorb the vapor so that it will disappear as soon as you exhale.

Don’t Allow Seasonal Allergies Stop You from Vaping

Even if you have seasonal allergies, you don’t have to be miserable while you try to enjoy a satisfying vaping session. These tips will help you vape comfortably while managing those pesky symptoms. Happy springtime vaping!