MIGHTY VAPORS Collection 60ml

Mighty Vapors is one of those vape brands that takes the art of juice-making seriously. The ingredients used to create their beloved flavors come from reputable sources. Their flavors are intense, satisfying the palate with authentic tastes that vape enthusiasts crave. All the Mighty Vapors e-liquids contain high-quality fruit extracts that refresh you whenever you pull on your MOD.

Mighty Mango

The taste of fresh mango juice can transform your mood and satisfy the most intense thirst. Mighty Mango vape juice from Mighty Vapors is a profoundly clean and authentic-tasting mango-flavored vape juice that will make you think that sticky, golden mango juice is dripping down your lips whenever you take a puff. As you inhale Mighty Mango e-liquid, the exhilarating tang of a perfectly ripe mango strikes your tongue and makes it tingle. As the vapor passes over the palate, the mango's juiciness soaks every centimeter of your tongue. When you exhale, the intense sweetness of a fresh mango satisfies you like crazy.

Hulk Tears

Hulk Tears vape juice is a candy flavor that's equally refreshing and sugary. The apple and watermelon hard candy is loaded with tart berry juice that rejuvenates your spirits and gives the sweet tooth that whack of pleasure that it desires. With every inhale of Hulk Tears e-liquid, the cool and crisp blend of watermelon and apple flavors flows over the taste buds. Then, a splash of tart berry flavor punches you in your palate. As your mouth floods with that beautiful berry nectar, the sweetness of the overall candy taste becomes more pronounced. When you exhale, the taste is as sugary as your favorite hard candy.

Hulk Tears Ice

Hulk Tears Ice vape juice takes the fruity and sweet taste of Hulk Tears vape juice and gives it a menthol bath. Every pull unleashes intense fruity flavor onto the tongue that has a stunning minty and sugary finish. If you want to feel exhilarated while you vape your favorite candy flavors, this e-liquid will blow you away. On the inhale, Hulk Tears Ice e-liquid excites the palate with the cool and refreshing taste of juicy watermelon and apple candy. As your thirst is quenched, tart berry juice squirts onto the taste buds. When you exhale, the sugary candy taste adds balance while a cold gust of menthol drops the temperature of your mouth.

Mystery Pop

Mystery Pop vape juice is an explosively fruity candy flavor that will fill your mind with wonder. While no one quite knows what this vape juice flavor is composed of, they do know that it's remarkably refreshing and delightfully sweet. Your tongue will drool as you try to guess which fruits are washing over your taste buds.

The e-juices from Mighty Vapors are some of the most flavorful juices you'll ever vape. These fruity concoctions are guaranteed to take care of your cravings for hours at a time.