Pod-Based Vaping: Turning Up or Down the Watts

Remember when pod mods first hit the vaping market? We all marveled at their portability, low-maintenance design and user-friendly interface, not to mention the fact that they utilized nicotine salts, which were brand-new at the time. Now, however, pod mods have had a few years to evolve, and like everything related to vaping, they’ve become quite advanced.

More advanced pod systems typically allow you to adjust the wattage level in order to customize certain aspects of its performance. Now, we all know that pod mods are low-wattage by nature, and that this allows them to preserve the integrity of the nicotine salts contained in the vape juices with which they are compatible. Still, despite the fact that pod mods are low-wattage devices, you can still play around with the wattage a bit in order to bring out different aspects of your vaping experience.

Today, we will be helping you determine whether or not you should adjust your pod mod’s wattage level in order to allow your setup to better suit your needs.

When Should You Turn Up the Wattage Level?

There are many different reasons to want to increase your wattage level. The most common one is that you want more vapor. It goes without saying that the higher the output setting, the more vapor is produced, and this has to do with how much power allows the coil to evaporate a specific amount of e-liquid at a time.

Another reason to increase the wattage level is because you want a stronger throat hit. Higher wattage levels produce more heat, and that increase in heat can allow the vapor to hit the back of your throat more potently.

When Should You Turn Down the Wattage Level?

You can turn down the wattage level if you find that the throat hit is too harsh for your liking. A decreased output setting will essentially soften the sensation of vapor hitting the back of your throat.

Additionally, a lower wattage level will better preserve your battery life. When your output setting is high, your battery must use more of its power to fire each hit. This means that you may have to recharge your battery repeatedly throughout the day, depending on its capacity.

Also, a lower wattage level typically means less vapor. If that’s something that you desire, decreasing your wattage will do the trick.

When Should You Keep the Wattage Level As is?

Now, there are many times when the wattage level is fine the way it is. Remember that pod mods are designed to give you the perfect combination of flavor, vapor and throat hit per puff, and the default wattage setting is typically decided upon in order to provide a flawless balance between all three of these factors. So, in most cases, the wattage level that your device is set at straight out of the box is fully capable of satisfying all of your needs.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t at least experiment with different output levels. After all, you may find that one setting is far more to your liking than the default one. We recommend making small adjustments at a time and enjoying a full vaping session at that wattage level before switching to a new one. This way, you’ll be absolutely certain when you’ve found your individual sweet spot.

Does a Wider Wattage Range Mean a Better Device?

More pod mods are on the market than ever before, and each one has its own unique settings. Many devices that have adjustable wattage settings have different wattage ranges with which you can experiment. It’s not necessarily true that a wider range of wattage levels means a better device, however. Ultimately, everyone’s needs are different, and so you must consider what you want out of your vaping experience before choosing a device based on its range of wattages.

Today’s Pod-Based Technology at Its Finest

Thanks to the many technological developments in the vaping industry, we can customize our pod mods in order to better meet our unique vaping demands. As you can see, even small changes in the output setting of a pod mod can deliver different effects. Use this guide in order to know when it’s time to make certain adjustments for a more satisfying vaping experience.