Quick Tips for Vaping When You Have a Minor Cold

You’ve gotten into the habit of vaping and even have your favorite flavors to use. That is, until you develop a minor cold. While the symptoms are not too bad, you wonder if now a good time would be to lay off the vaping until you are better. The fact is that you can still enjoy the experience, although you may need to make some changes until you feel better. 

Here are some tips to consider. 

Staying Hydrated

Vaping can tend to dry out the mouth and throat a little. Normally, what you drink during the course of the day is enough to counteract the effect. With a cold, that may not be the case. If you want to minimize the chances for throat irritation or coughing, make sure you drink plenty of fluids before and after you vape. 

Dealing with Your Changing Taste Buds

Be prepared for the fact that your favorite strawberry cartridge will not provide the same satisfaction as it did when you were well. That is because the cold is affecting your taste buds. For now, you may want to change to something that is aimed more at providing some relief. Many people find that menthol cartridges are a good choice. You still want to watch how deep you draw, since the vapor getting into the throat may or may not cause you to cough. Give it a try and see how deep you can inhale without causing any distress. You may find that the menthol helps to open your sinuses and that the strong taste is actually pleasant. 

Vaping Less

For the next few days, you may want to limit your vaping to two or three times during the day. This is especially true if you notice any type of mild irritation in the back of your throat. Even with shallow draws, you could trigger some coughing. Remember that if you use menthol or something that is stronger, you’ll still get a pleasant taste in the mouth. For now, reserve the vaping for after you’ve had your chicken soup and maybe while you watch television before going to bed.

You Can Still Vape, But Keep These Tips Handy

The bottom line is that you vape because you like it. If you find that vaping while you are sick doesn’t give you much satisfaction, put the electronic cigarette and the e-liquids to one side for a few days. Once the worst of the cold has passed, you’ll be able to enjoy them again.