Step-By-Step Guide For Using the Project Sub-Ohm Edition Smok Species 230W Kit

Powerful, dependable and luxuriously designed, the Project Sub-Ohm Edition SMOK Species 230W Kit is an exceptional setup that can handle all your vaping needs. This technologically advanced yet user-friendly vaping system comes with loads of unique features and options, guaranteeing a flawless experience. 

If you've recently grabbed this device, this guide is for you. By following it, you'll be able to get the most satisfaction out of using your kit.

Step #1: Remove the Project Sub-Ohm Edition SMOK Species 230W Kit from its box. Keep the spare parts in the box and place the box somewhere safe. The spare parts that come with this kit may be used later. 

Step #2: Insert two fully charged 18650 batteries into the battery compartment of the mod. The battery compartment is located at the bottom. 

Step #3: Included are two different sub-ohm coils. Select the coil that you wish to use based on your vaping preferences. Prime the coil with your vape juice. Then, insert it into the TFV8 Baby Beast V2 Tank. 

Step #4: Fill your tank with freebased e-liquid. The fill port is located at the top of the tank, as it can hold 5mL of juice. Once filled, you may attach it to the mod. 

Step #5: Adjust your airflow using the airflow ring that's on the tank. 

Step #6: Turn on the mod by pressing the power button. Use the display screen and the small buttons to select the right settings for your vaping needs. There are numerous output options. Select your preferred preheat mode. 

Step #7: Once you've set your device according to your vaping preferences, press the firing button to take a hit. You should enjoy smooth vapor that's flavorful and thick. If not, check your user manual. 

Final Step: During vape sessions, check the display screen to monitor your statistics. The display screen will inform you if your battery is running low.

The Project Sub-Ohm Edition SMOK Species 230W Kit is a high-performance vaping system from one of the most popular brands out there. Following this guide will ensure a deeply satisfying vape.