Step-By-Step Guide to Using the Asmodus Minikin 3 200w Mod

Simply put, the Asmodus Minikin 3 200W Mod is a thing of real beauty. The durable zinc alloy construction makes this a particularly sturdy and reliable piece of vaping hardware while the astonishingly advanced chipset technology allows users to customize their vapes in ways that were never before possible.

This high-end vaping system isn’t necessarily complicated in terms of its use, but it does require a basic understanding of how it works so that the user can navigate through its many settings in order to start their vaping experience in no time. That’s why we’ve created this guide. Within minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy that first puff off of your Asmodus Minikin 3 200W Mod.

Step #1: In the box, you’ll find the Minikin 3, a charging cable, a user manual and a certificate of authenticity. Remove the mod and the charging cable, leaving the other contents in the box. Be sure not to throw out the box as the user manual will likely come in handy at a later time.

Step #2: Insert two 18650 batteries into your vape battery charger. Make sure that they reach a full charge. When they’re done charging, install them into the battery compartment located on the mod.

Step #3: While the batteries are charging, prepare your vape tank. Make sure that the tank is compatible with this mod. Fill the tank to its maximum fill line with any freebase nic vape juice of your choice. Then, prime your coil thoroughly and allow it to sit for five minutes before installing it into the tank.

Step #4: Now, you can screw your prepared vape tank into the unit. And, you can turn on your device by pressing the power button.

Step #5: You’ll see that once you turn on your mod, the display screen lights up. The display screen uses touch-sensitive technology, allowing you to navigate through the settings and select your preferences with the touch of your finger. Select your preferred settings, making sure to explore everything that this mod has to offer.

Final Step: Take your first hit by pressing the firing button. Enjoy!

The Asmodus Minikin 3 200W Mod is as advanced, powerful and dependable as they come. In fact, it’s one of the most celebrated mods on the market right now. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll get to enjoy its many features right after you open the box.