Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Sigelei Snowwolf Mfeng UX 200W Mod

The Sigelei Snowwolf Mfeng UX 200W Mod is one of the most luxurious box mods to hit the market, offering a wide array of exceptional technological features, as well as the sleek, sophisticated and truly stylish visual elements that you’ve come to expect from the brand. This mod is unbelievably powerful, and it allows you to customize many aspects of your vaping experience so that you can savor your clouds on your terms.

Today, we’ll be talking about how to use this stunning mod so that you can derive from it as much satisfaction as possible. We’ll be walking you through the process of setting it up and enjoying that first vaping session in full detail.

Step #1: Remove the Mfeng UX from its box, leaving the charging cable and user manual in the box for later use.

Step #2: Locate the battery compartment on the mod. Into the mod, insert two 18650 batteries that have been fully charged.

One Pair Anywhere

Step #3: Select the sub-ohm tank that you would like to use with the Mfeng UX. Install a clean, primed coil into the tank and fill the tank with e-liquid. Then, attach the tank to the mod via the 510-threaded connection.

Step #4: Turn the mod on. Use the display screen and navigation buttons to choose your settings. This mod comes with a variety of output modes, so make sure that you fully explore all that this device has to offer.

Final Step: Press the firing button to take in your first cloud of vapor. Enjoy!

The Sigelei Snowwolf Mfeng UX 200W Mod is an exquisite piece of vaping hardware that can give you the sub-ohm vape you’ve been dreaming of. With its many unique features and beautiful design, this is a mod that won’t disappoint.

For the Snowwolf Mfeng full manual click here.