Step-by-Step Guide to Using the SMOK Priv N19 30W Kit

SMOK has been doing a fantastic job this year with a wide selection of technologically innovative and brilliantly designed hardware. The SMOK Priv N19 30W Kit is one of their best-selling systems of the year, combining the convenience of a portable, all-in-one system with the power that sub-ohm vapers know and love. This kit is nothing short of exceptional, to put it simply.

For those ready experience what this truly wonderful sub-ohm system has to offer, we’re gonna make sure that you get the most pleasure out of it by providing you with this easy and thorough guide to setting it up for the first time.

Step #1: Open the packaging, and remove the Priv N19 Mod, the Nord 19 Tank and the coil of your choice. The kit comes with two coils: one for sub-ohm vaping with freebase nic e-liquids, and one for pod-style vaping with salt nic e-liquids. Leave the remaining contents in the box for a later time.

Step #2: Charge your Priv N19 Mod by plugging it into your charger. This mod has a built-in battery, so you do not need to remove the batteries in order to charge them.

Step #3: While your device is charging, begin to prepare your tank. First, prime your coil using standard priming methods. Then, install the coil into your tank. Now, fill your tank with e-liquid. Remember that each coil is only compatible with one type of e-liquid, so choose your e-liquid accordingly.

Step #4: Now, it’s time to attach your tank to your fully charged mod. Then, you can turn the power on and select your settings based on your preferences. Use the buttons on the chassis of the mod to change your settings. This mod allows you to explore a number of different output modes.

Final Step: Press down on the firing button to enjoy your first hit. If necessary, readjust your output settings according to your preferences.

The SMOK Priv N19 30W Kit is a powerful yet compact vaping system for sub-ohm lovers who want a more user-friendly and convenient way to vape. This kit is powerful, durable and completely reliable, making it one of the most coveted systems of the year. If you’re ready to get your hands on it, read this guide as you prepare to enjoy it for the first time.