Step-by-Step Guide to Using the VooPoo Vinci Air Pod Device Kit

The VooPoo Vinci Air Pod Device Kit is a conveniently portable and user-friendly pod system that provides users with loads of innovative features that all work toward providing a more satisfying vape.

If you’re just getting your hands on this kit for the first time, we know you might feel intimidated by all of the different settings and functions. That’s why we’re going to walk you through the process of setting this kit up for the first time.

Step #1: Remove the VooPoo Vinci Air Pod Device Kit from the box, as well as the pod cartridge that is included. Decide which vaping style you prefer and select the coil accordingly. The 0.4ohm coil is for sub-ohm vaping with freebase nic, while the 1.0ohm coil is for MTL vaping with salt-based nicotine vape juices.

Step #2: Charge your Vinci Air Pod Mod. When the light turns green, it’s reached a full charge and is ready to use.

Step #3: While your device is charging, prime and install your coil of choice. Then, fill the pod cartridge with the e-liquid that’s compatible with the coil you’ve selected.

Step #4: Attach the pod cartridge to your fully charged mod. The direction in which your atomizer is facing determines which vaping mode you’ve selected, so try out both to see which one suits you better.

Final Step: Use the button on the mod to take your first hit. For the best results, charge your battery regularly, and make sure your e-liquid level is always above the coil that’s inside the cartridge.

The VooPoo Vinci Air Pod Device Kit is a truly magnificent vaping system for pod lovers who want to play around with lots of different settings without sacrificing convenience. Use this guide to make sure that you’re going about setting the kit properly. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy what it’s capable of right off the bat.