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If you are unfamiliar with temperature control when it comes to vaping, this is the information you need. This guide has what you need to know when it comes to controlling the temperature of your MOD.

Problems Temp Control Can Solve

Many issues that arise with your MOD can be avoided by having one with temperature control (TC mode). Being able to control the temperature your MOD’s vaping at can help you avoid the horrible taste associated with a dry hit. This taste comes from the wick in your coil burning and usually by a certain point, it needs to be replaced. This generally happens because your device is working at too high of a temperature and eliminating all the e-liquid from the coil at a faster rate. By being able to control the temperature, you can stop this from happening.

What’s Temperature Control?

A MOD with temperature control allows you to pre-set the temperature of your coil in Celsius or Fahrenheit. When the device detects the coil has gotten to the temperature you set, it cuts off the power to the coil until it drops back below the value. It will help to keep the temperature at a specific value, regardless of your vaping style.

Temperature Control Setup

The first time you use your TC MOD, set up the temperature control to a configuration that works best for you. The first thing to do is make sure the temperature is correct for the setup you are using. The coil type is one of the most important things to look at. Many devices have specific settings for both Nickel and Titanium coils (the most popular types of coils out there). Use the recommended wattage for the type of coil you are using. There is also a temperature that these types of coils shouldn’t exceed.

Recommended Temps

It is best to start at a lower temperature and work your way up. Vaping temperatures are usually found in the range from 200 to 250 degrees Celsius. Most MODs allow you to increase or decrease the temperature in 5 or 10-degree increments. Since you have control of the temperature of your MOD, it is easy to find the sweet spot that works best for you. Personal preference, as well as taste, will help you to decide what the best temperature range works for you. It will also vary depending on the percentage of PG and VG in your vape juice as well as the juice’s flavor and nicotine strength.

Safety Tips

Nickel and Titanium coils are wrapped with low resistance and shouldn’t be used in any MOD that doesn’t utilize a temperature control. Make sure not to use the coils while they are dry for any period. This will ruin the coil and you will have to replace it. You should avoid using these two types of coils in Variable Wattage (VW) or Variable Voltage (V) modes on any MOD. Finally, make sure that everything on your device is properly installed and you are using the proper equipment.

TC MODs make it easy when it comes to having your coils last longer, as well as getting the best taste from your e-juice. Set everything up correctly for the most enjoyment while you vape.