That Coil Has Changed!

There are many things that a vaper can do to make coils last longer. Unfortunately, there is so much that one can do to increase the life span of coils. Besides, they are built to last an average of two weeks, meaning that burning out after this period is unavoidable. After doing everything to ensure that they last this long, the only other thing that you can do is to know the indicators of coil that is burnt out. This will prevent you from taking disgusting hits and damaging your atomizer.

Here is a list of some of the most common indicators of a coil that is burnt out:

Reduced Vapor

If you notice that you must vape harder, than you normally would, to get more vapor, then your coils are probably burnt out. Sometimes, coils just burn out without warning you. In such a case, only the vapor production can help you identify what you are dealing with. To solve the loss of vapor, simply replace your coils with new ones.

The Coil Has Changed in Color

One of the simplest ways to identify a coil, which is burnt out, is by checking its color. If your coil's color has changed to dark brown black, it probably is a sign that you need to get it replaced. Besides, with continuous heating, the metal used in coils begins to change color. With continued use, the coils get even darker. Coils changing color could also be because of gunk build-up. If so, you need to replace the coils immediately. Otherwise, the taste of your flavors will be tainted with a toasty taste.

The E-Juice is Bit Nasty

Nothing spells burnt out coils as loudly as a nasty taste from e-juice. If your coils are burnt out, two things might happen to the flavor. Either you will notice that the flavor seems to be somehow off or you will get a burnt taste. If either of the two happens, then you know what you need to do- replace the coils and you can get rid of the burnt or off flavor. Failure to do this, you will not only ruin your vape sessions, but also risk damaging other parts of your vaping device.

How Long You Have Been Using Your Coils

The duration in which you have been using your coils should tell you whether a coil might be burnt out or not. If you are a heavy vaper, your coils will probably be burnt out by the end of the seventh day. However, if you are a mild vaper, then you might stay with coils for up to 1 month without them getting burnt out.

Learning the indicators of a burnt-out coil will go a long way in preventing frustrations in your vape sessions. The indicators should guide on when to replace coils. Otherwise, continuing to use a burnt coil will not only waste your e-liquid and lead to a poor quality vape, rather it will ruin your device, costing you a lot of money in replacement