The Top 3 2018 Holiday Season E-Liquids at LoadUp Vape Supply

Now that we're deep into the holiday season, many of us are struggling to resist indulging in the tasty treats that seem to be everywhere during this time of year. If you wanna enjoy the decadent flavors of the holidays without putting on any pounds, these juices from LoadUp Vape Supply will do the trick. Each truly captures the festive spirit of the holiday season. 

Holiday Season E-Liquid Flavor #3: Beard Vape Co No. 24 Salted Caramel Malt

This is a rich and decadent dessert vape that really sticks to your ribs during the chilly winter months. An outrageously creamy malt beverage is swirled with ribbons of sticky salted caramel, providing the palate with rich, sweet and savory notes that leave you feeling absolutely heavenly. On the inhale, the malt notes control your tongue and make your mouth water. Then, that sweet caramel drips onto the sweet tooth. A pinch of salt teases your taste buds before the exquisite creaminess takes over.

Holiday Season E-Liquid Flavor #2: Yami Vapors Butter Brew

Another rich and creamy flavor that's absolutely perfect for this time of year. A blend of rich butterscotch and warm vanilla swirl around your taste buds, comforting your soul on those particularly chilly evenings. This festive flavor is guaranteed to lift your mood just in time for those holiday celebrations. Each inhale seduces you with that gooey butterscotch taste that's rich, sweet and slightly savory. With every exhale, vanilla rushes across your tongue as the creaminess leaves your palate saturated. 

Holiday Season E-Liquid Flavor #1: Halle Berry Ice 60ml by Made Well Vape Co.

The blend of juicy, tart berries and cold menthol makes us feel like we're walking in a winter wonderland. Captures the flavorful profile combination perfectly, pleasing the palate with that sharp berry taste before chilling the tongue to its core. This frosty, fruity treat will get you into the holiday spirit in no time. When you inhale, the tartness of the berry flavor makes your mouth flood with saliva. The berries become sweeter and sweeter as they journey across your tongue. With every exhale, that cold menthol invigorates you just like the weather outside.

Deck the Vaping Halls

The sounds, the sights and the tastes of the holiday season can be yours to vape when you pick any of this awesome e-juice flavors at LUVS. They will satisfy your cravings just like your favorite seasonal treats and attractions.