Those MOD Batteries Are Way Too Hot!

There are many things that can cause a vaper to have a bad day. Expired e-juice, forgetting to charge your MOD's batteries, and running out of your favorite e-juice to name a few. One of the worst things tohugh is when your MOD's batteries actually overheat. Vapers will normally figure out that the batteries are overheating when they feel the heat coming from the MOD itself, or if they feel the vape tank, and it is very hot to touch. 

Here are some tips and tricks to prevent your MOD and its batteries from overheating.

One of the best ways to ensure your MOD doesn't overheat is to ensure that you are using the correct batteries that the MOD requires to work functionally. These batteries are specifically built to be used in MOD's. They have specific safety features to allow you to vape without worrying about critical malfunctions. One thing new modders need to know are the specific batteries to put into their MOD. This is also an important safety issue, as using batteries for your device that aren't issued for it can lead the entire device being damaged. That definitely sounds like a bad day for vaping, just because you used the wrong batteries. It should also be made sure that the batteries are properly installed. Sometimes, the door to the battery holder might not be fully closed or the batteries might not be put in all the way. These are very simple fixes that can allow you to return to your vape session.

Another way your MOD can overheat is by constantly upping the vaults on the control panel. Certain vape tanks are designed for high volts while some are designed for more medium to smaller size volts. Some MOD's do allow this if they are sub-ohm compatible, but only to an extent. If you are using a smaller tank and constantly upping the vaults that can definitely cause your MOD to overheat. This overheating is generally associated with a bad smell coming from the vape tank and a bad taste coming from the vape. If this happens, you should also check your coils to make sure that they are not being negatively affected by this. On vape tanks, there should be a little section where you can easily see the range of volts that it can handle, and not be able to handle. Please always read this before you decide to pop in a fresh vape tank and vape away with high volts. No one wants to ruin their MOD because of a silly mistake.

Chain vaping at high volts can also be a reason for overheating. Chain vaping at high volts generally should be avoided because it will wear out the coils inside the atomizer. It can be hard not to chain vape, especially if you are relying on the MOD to give you your nicotine, but it should not be done a lot. If you are chain vaping at high volts and notice that the MOD or the vape tank is very hot to the touch you should stop and let it cool down. If that is not working then you should get a cloth, wet it with cold water, make sure that there is no excess water, then hold it up to the MOD. This will really do the trick in cooling down the MOD.

MOD overheating doesn't have to be a big problem if you stick to these guidelines. With these simple explanations and fixes, hopefully vapers out there can effectively solve this common problem. The overheating of the MOD can really be a major headache if it happens a lot. Making sure that the batteries are correct, making sure you are using the correct voltage, and making sure to limit or avoid chain vaping with high volts can really help prolong the life of your device and make sure that every hit will be a good one.