Top 3 Fall E-Juice Flavors at LoadUp Vape Supply

The leaves are turning, and that crisp autumn scent fills the air. Everyone is putting on their favorite coat and cradling steaming cups of coffee (or hot cocoa) to ward off the frigid air. And you want to pick the absolute best vape to accommodate the lovely climate, but don't know where to start. Well, we have the ideal e-juice flavors that will absolutely get you into the Fall season.

Fall E-Juice Flavor #3: Caramel Cone Coffee Shop Edition by the Drip Company

Nothing says Fall like the rich taste of caramel! Caramel Cone Coffee Shop Edition captures the aura of the local coffee shop flawlessly; it blends that sweet caramel with a subtle vanilla bean frappe flavor, bringing you in out of the cold and straight into your favorite coffee joint. Just without the hipsters and the micro-brew machines.

Fall E-Juice Flavor #2: No. 32 Cinnamon Funnel Cake by BEARD VAPE CO

Okay, maybe we have a thing for sweets, but you can't have Fall time without the local county fair rolling into town with their fried delights and a must at any fair is a whopping plate of funnel cakes, topped in powdered sugar that you almost want to just up and snort. It is that good. When it comes to No.32 Cinnamon Funnel Cake, the cinnamon flavor coupled with the rich funnel cake will bring back those nostalgic Fall carnival memories. You will be transported back to fried foods and carnival sounds right at the first inhale and exhale.


This is it. Our top, Fall-est Fall flavor of them all. The Cream of the Crop is an artful blend of all the things you want and nothing you don't. It starts with its namesake, a smooth cream that is then infused (or enfused) with vanilla bourbon, and then it is all dusted with macadamias, and roasted hazelnuts, and layered atop a buttery pie crust that adds the fullness to the flavor. And to top it all off, there is a slight hint of fine tobacco, but without the harmful additives. In fact, Enfuse uses TFN, aka Tobacco-Free Nicotine, which is developed without Tobacco stems, leaves, or waste dust. So you get a pure flavor and a sweet draw without the actual tobacco. It all says a warm fire place, roasting nuts and cuddling up for a restful, autumn nap.

So, when you start the Fall season, and you crave a nice accent in your vape, check out these sweet e-juices and celebrate all the nice things that come with the falling of the leaves. And if you are curious where you can get these flavors (and more), look no further than right here at LoadUp Vape Supply!