Top 3 Tobacco-Flavored E-Liquids at LoadUp Vape Supply

There’s nothing quite like the taste of rich, bold tobacco when we hit our mods. There’s a reason why tobacco flavors continue to reign supreme within the vaping community. They provide us with that smooth and complex taste that we know and love without actually putting tobacco into our bodies.

If you’re looking for the best of the best in terms of tobacco flavors, we’ve got you covered. Below are the three most authentic-tasting, mouth-watering tobacco e-juices on the market today.

Tobacco Flavored E-Liquid #3: Eclipse by Space Jam

A truly unique flavor in that it’s reminiscent of both cigarette tobacco and fine, sophisticated pipe tobacco. This Cavendish blend is enhanced with the smooth, warm taste of freshly scraped vanilla bean, resulting in a deeper, more luxurious flavor that’s certain to captivate every single taste bud. At first, the nuttiness of the flavor is apparent, making its way across your tongue with its sweet and savory taste. Then, the smokiness and earthiness come out to play. The velvety vanilla flavor entrances your palate before the hint of sweetness takes over on the exhale.

Tobacco-Flavored E-Liquid #2: Double Dutch by TBCO Mug + Leaf

If you want to have a tobacco experience that’s more decadent than the rest, reach for this one. Freshly brewed, stunningly bold Colombian coffee is flavored by homemade toffee and swirled with the perfect dose of refined tobacco. It’s like the best dessert you’ve ever vaped, and the most flavorful cigarette of all time combined into one exceptional e-juice. The coffee soaks your palate when you inhale, invigorating you all over. Magnificently smoky tobacco thrills your palate as the vapor goes down your throat. On the exhale, toffee bits stick to your sweet tooth.

Tobacco-Flavored E-Liquid #1: American Patriot by Naked 100 Tobacco

So delectable that it doesn’t need to have any bells or whistles. This is a straightforward tobacco that’s reminiscent of the finest blends from the southern portion of the United States. Nutty, smooth and outstandingly robust, it’s the real deal. The velvety flavor wafts over your palate with sweet and savory notes when you inhale. The richness becomes intense as the boldness becomes apparent. When you exhale, a hint of sweetness ties everything together.

Enjoy that Smooth, Flavorful Taste of Tobacco While You Get Your Vape On!

These tobacco flavors will tantalize your tongue while satisfying your cravings. No need to reach for an analog when you got any of these e-juices by your side.