Top 3 Upcoming Memorial Day Vape Juices

Memorial Day is almost here at last. Whether you're planning a day at the beach or an outdoor barbecue with your closest friends, we've got vape juice flavors that will help you make the most of this festive weekend.

Each of the flavors below captures the spirit of Memorial Day by providing you with refreshing tastes that will keep you feeling cool as you soak in the sun.

Memorial Day Flavor #3: Halle Berry Ice by Made Well Vape Co.

After spending a few hours outdoors, you're probably going to crave something cold and refreshing. This e-juice is the flavor that you need. A blend of luscious berries and icy spearmint is turned into a cold icicle that will cool you down in no time. As you inhale, you'll enjoy the remarkably tangy taste of freshly picked boysenberries. A bit of tartness makes you salivate right away. Then, the taste of a strawberry icicle washes over your palate. With each exhale, chilly spearmint revitalizes you when you're feeling hot.

Memorial Day Flavor #2: Sher-Burst by Burst E-Liquid

The perfect flavor for long days spent at the beach. For this vape juice, Burst E-Liquid took creamy and fruity rainbow sherbet and turned it into a saltwater taffy candy that instantly brings back happy childhood memories. Every hit will refresh you while providing you with that taffy taste that you can only get on the boardwalk. With each inhale, you'll taste the exhilarating citrus fruits and sweet berries. The creaminess of the sherbet intoxicates your taste buds. With every exhale, the delightful taste of saltwater taffy takes over.

Memorial Day Flavor #1: Hawaiian POG by Naked 100

If you're jealous of your friends who get to enjoy a vacation to the islands during the weekend of Memorial Day, you owe it to yourself to indulge in this e-juice. It teases the tongue with exotic fruits that evoke visions of paradise. When you inhale, the tartness of fresh passion fruit instantly tickles your palate. Then, a stream of sweet, zesty orange juice rushes across the tongue to quench your thirst. On the exhale, glorious guava fruit adds tropical splendor to this exceptional fruit blend.

Grab These Memorial Day E-Liquids Today!

These e-liquids will help you make the most of Memorial Day with mouth-watering flavors that put you in a festive mood.