Top 5 Berry E-Juice Flavors at LoadUp Vape Supply

Now that the warm weather has arrived, you really can't go wrong with juicy berry flavors. During the spring and summer months, luscious berries ripen at last, quenching the thirst with their refreshing tartness, sweetness and tang.

Below, you'll discover 5 berry-flavored vape juices that will exhilarate you on the hottest days of the summer season.

Berry Flavor #5: Blue Razz by Drip Co. Punch'd

An exquisite gummy candy that delivers intensely sour blue raspberry flavor. Every puff makes your mouth pucker before making way for a pleasantly sweet finish. The juiciness of this candy flavor gives it thirst-quenching abilities for those relentlessly hot days. When you inhale, the blast of deeply sour blue raspberry flavor takes over your tongue, making you drool right away. Slowly, the sourness drifts away, making way for a clean berry flavor. As you exhale, you'll taste the profound sweetness of the candy.

Berry Flavor #4: Halle Berry Ice by Made Well Vape Co.

A luscious berry candy that's infused with ice-cold menthol. Tangy boysenberries and sweet, juicy strawberries join forces to satisfy your fruit cravings while that cold, minty finish turns down the temperature when you're feeling overheated beneath the summer sun. As you inhale, the bright, tangy taste of freshly picked boysenberries tantalizes your taste buds while refreshing your palate. Then, the taste of ripe, plump strawberries washes over the tongue. With each exhale, icy menthol takes over your senses.

Berry Flavor #3: Strawberry by Jam Monster

This e-liquid turns our favorite berry into a comforting snack. Warm toast is slathered in creamy butter and sticky, sweet strawberry jam. You'll find yourself smiling with pleasure after each hit of this tasty treat. When you inhale, the blast of sugary strawberry jam flavor slams the palate. Then, the savory toast balances out the sweetness. With each exhale, a stream of melted butter adds richness.

Berry Flavor #2: Berry Burst by Burst E-Liquid

Delivers a symphony of berry flavors that make the taste buds scream with delight. Grapes, strawberries, raspberries and other berry flavors work together to rejuvenate you like no other flavor on the planet. The inhale unleashes tart berry notes onto your tongue. You'll start salivating as the berries take turns soaking your taste buds with their refreshing juices. When you exhale, the sweetness of the berries takes over.

Berry Flavor #1: Very Berry by Naked 100

One of the most beloved berry blends out there. Blackberries and blueberries are spritzed with lemon juice to refresh you in every way. As you inhale, the zesty lemon flavor and the tangy blackberry flavor join forces to excite your taste buds instantly. When you exhale, the sweet taste of freshly picked blueberries takes over.

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These five berry-inspired flavors will keep your thirst at bay all summer long.