Vape Flavor Differences: Mint and Menthol

So many vapers love mint and menthol flavors, not realizing that they’re actually two different things. Both mint and menthol add a lot to one’s vaping experience, but they actually affect it in completely different ways.

If you’re confused, we’re here to help. We’re going to explain the key differences between mint and menthol when it comes to e-liquids. By knowing how these two products differ from each other, you’ll be able to zero in on your vaping preferences like never before.

Aren’t Mint and Menthol the Same Thing?

No, mint and menthol aren’t the same thing, although they are sourced from the same place. Both mint and menthol are common vape juice additives, and to make matters more confusing, they’re often used together. But, as you’ll see, they’re different in terms of their unique properties.


Mint is a family of plants that includes wintergreen, peppermint, lavender and spearmint. It’s a culinary herb commonly used to provide a cool, crisp and fresh flavor to dishes. Mint is also the name of the flavor of the mint plant. When mint is added to a prepared food, for instance, it’s usually done so in the form of a mint extract. In other words, the flavor molecules have been extracted from the leaves of the mint plant and turned into a concentrate that provides flavor and no other properties that the plant has to offer.


Menthol, meanwhile, is a compound found in the mint plant. Menthol is known for its medicinal applications thanks to its cooling and numbing effect that it provides on contact. Menthol is extracted from the mint plant just like mint flavoring, but it has no flavor or odor. It’s simply a sensation.

How Mint Affects Your Vapes

When mint is added to a vape juice, it provides a minty flavor that enhances many other tastes such as fruit, chocolate and vanilla. That’s because mint is a flavor and nothing else.

How Menthol Affects Your Vapes

When menthol is added to an e-liquid, it does not affect the flavor profile whatsoever, nor does it alter its aroma. Instead, it provides a cooling sensation that’s felt on the inhale and the exhale. If you were to sniff a menthol vape juice, you may experience a cooling sensation along the nasal passages.

Can You Have Both?

Now, as we said, a lot of vape juices contain both mint and menthol, which is perfectly fine and very enjoyable. By combining the two unique properties of the mint plant together, you get an experience that’s close to consuming a mint leaf.

Can They Both be Added to Any E-Liquid?

Here’s where things get tricky. Menthol can be added to any vape juice flavor because it won’t disrupt its flavor profile. Again, this is because menthol is not a flavor. However, mint cannot be added to any vape juice flavor. Well, technically it can, but it won’t necessarily go with anything. For example, mint tastes great when combined with fruit, but it might not work with, say, a sour candy flavor.

Same but Different So-To-Speak

Both mint and menthol are excellent and very popular e-liquid additives that satisfy users’ needs tremendously. However, they’re not the same thing. Now that you know the differences, you can make more informed decisions when it’s time to go vape juice shopping.