Vaping in High-Humidity Conditions

As smokers become aware of the health implications that their habit implies, one of the most famous options for quitting is switching to vaping. Through water vapor and flavoring, different vaping devices such as e-cigarettes provide experience similar enough to smoking to help them quit. Ultimately, the goal is to completely cut out real tobacco products out of their lives.

Since vaping has no odor or smoke, it is normal to see people vape in places that may not necessarily allow smoking. Due to that, people will sometimes vape outside where the weather conditions may have various implications. One such instance is vaping in humid conditions. So, are there any effects that humidity will have on one’s vaping experience?

The answer is yes.

Since most of today’s vaping devices are made with specific tanks that have special rubber seals, these can be affected in some weather conditions. Cold and humidity will cause these seals to swell or shrink, and this will interrupt the flow of the e-liquid. When this happens, a noticeable difference in the vapor quality exists. As some vapers may not be sure about this issue, it will often be overlooked.

Next, as places that have high humidity generally also experience higher temperatures, there might be side-effects related to this condition. What becomes affected is the viscosity of the e-juice or how thick it is. Since vaping is directly related to viscosity, higher temperatures will decrease it, and vice-versa, as well as the satisfaction from the vaping. So, it is important to be aware of the temperature outside before starting to vape. Thus, extreme weather conditions of 90 degrees or higher will have negative consequences on the vaping experience.

Even though there are individuals who enjoy vaping in these conditions, majority of the market prefer colder days. This enables them to retain flavor for longer periods of time, and avoid headaches or dizziness that sometimes comes along with high-humidity vaping.

Learning the relationship between the weather and the way that your vaping device operates is very important. One of the most important traits of any device; be it an e-cigarette, portable vaporizer, or even a MOD, is that it is environment-friendly. Due to this, the more vaping that one does, the more likely it will ultimately happen in high-humidity and high-temperatures. Avoiding so, would be the best solution, but if that isn’t possible, one should at least know the implications.

High humidity will be responsible for some swelling or shrinking of the tank’s seal. It will also affect the viscosity of the e-liquid itself, and combined, these two conditions will make the vaping experience less enjoyable.