What Makes A Sub-Ohm Tank Sub-Ohm Compatible?

These days, sub-ohm vaping is more popular than ever. Once upon a time, enjoying a sub-ohm vaping experience was a pain as it required lots of mod configurations and an advanced knowledge of vaping technology. Nowadays, however, sub-ohm vaping has become the standard, meaning that most systems are designed to accommodate this style. 

Still, you should know some things about it to vape safely and experience maximum satisfaction. It’s especially important to make sure that you're using a sub-ohm tank. Otherwise, you could end up experiencing an unpleasant vaping session. Even worse, you could damage your device or risk an explosion. 

What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Because today's vapers prefer high output modes that produce enormous, thick clouds, sub-ohm vaping is extremely popular. This means vaping at high wattage or temperature levels while using a coil that has a resistance level of less than 1ohm. This combination produces those bands of fog that are pleasurable to inhale and exhale. 

These days, many systems can reach over 100 watts of power to accommodate sub-ohm vaping. Similarly, many brands have created vape tanks that are specially designed for this vaping style. 

What is a Sub-Ohm Tank?

A sub-ohm tank is a tank that's compatible with the sub-ohm vaping style. Today, most tanks that you'll find are designed for sub-ohm vaping. It connects to a device using a 510-thread. Typically, it screws into a unit and locks into place. 

What makes it unique is that it comes with sub-ohm coils that are disposable and are installed into the tank easily. These coils have resistance levels that are lower than 1ohm. 

Sub-ohm tanks are also designed to be extremely durable and resistant to high levels of heat. This is because sub-ohm vaping involves high output levels, meaning that the coil and tank must be able to withstand the heat. Typically, they are made from stainless-steel and thick Pyrex glass. These materials are both known for their durability. 

How to Use a Sub-Ohm Tank

Using a sub-ohm tank is incredibly easy:

  • First, the coil that comes with the tank must be primed.
  • This involves saturating the cotton section with vape juice so that it doesn't dry out when the device is fired.
  • Then, the tank is filled with vape juice.
  • After that, it's screwed onto the vaping device.

The Benefits of Sub-Ohm Vaping

Sub-ohm vaping has many benefits. The most popular reason for choosing this vaping style is the thick, enormous clouds that it promotes. This vaping style also provides a smoother throat hit that isn't too harsh. 

Another advantage is the full, rich and clean flavor that it produces. Many find that this style of vaping results in a more intense and complex flavor that's extremely enjoyable. 

Sub-Ohm Vaping Could Be for You

As you can see, there are many reasons to grab a sub-ohm vape tank and even a kit from LoadUp Vape Supply. This vaping style has many benefits and is extremely satisfying