How Do Certain Aromas in the Air Potentially Affect Your Vape Sessions?

When’s the last time you were vaping around a strong smell, and noticed that something about your vape session was, well, off? Believe it or not, the smells of your environment can affect your vapes more than you may think.

The Link Between What You Smell and What You Taste

A lot of us underestimate just how much our sense of smell is connected to our sense of taste. But, have you ever tried to eat when you had a cold? If your nose was stuffed up enough, chances were you could barely taste what you were eating. If you don’t know what we are talking about, try eating something while holding your nose. We bet that you’ll be blown away by just how much you struggle to taste that which is in your mouth.

Our olfactory glands, which perceive scents, pick up a lot more flavor than our taste buds. This doesn’t just apply to what we’re eating, but the flavor of e-liquid that we are vaping as well. So, if there is a strong smell in the air, your olfactory glands can make you feel a bit confused, because they’re interpreting the smell around you as part of the flavor experience while you vape your e-juice. It doesn’t matter what flavor you’re vaping, the device that you’re using or the nicotine type you’re enjoying. In the end, no one is immune to this interesting sensory phenomenon.

When Aromas Around You are a Good Thing

Of course, sometimes this phenomenon can work in your favor. Let’s say you’re vaping a vanilla flavor, and meanwhile, someone is baking cookies in your house. This means that your taste buds will be tricked into thinking that you’re actually tasting cookies, with the vanilla flavor of the e-liquid simply complementing the sensory experience. Or, let’s say you’re wearing a citrusy fragrance, and you’re vaping a tropical fruit flavor. The citrus notes in your fragrance will get blended into the vape flavor, and you’ll end up enjoying a whole new sensory experience that’s particularly enjoyable.

When Aromas Around You are Not Such a Good Thing

And then, there are those times when the scent around you is not so pleasant. Maybe you’re vaping outside during work, and you can only stand by the dumpster. Needless to say, this will negatively affect your vaping experience, as there is no way for your olfactory glands to differentiate between the flavor of your vape juice and the scent of the garbage. Therefore, you might suddenly feel like the e-liquid has an unpleasant taste, although it’s not the fault of the manufacturer.

Awesome News!

Luckily, if we are around an unpleasant smell, we can, in most cases, simply walk away. If we are vaping in a room that has a bad odor, for instance, we can go to another room to escape this sensory mix-up. Of course, there are some cases in which we have no choice but to stay in the area with the unpleasant smell, but still, know that this is temporary, and has nothing to do with the e-liquid that you’ve purchased, or the unique nature of your vaping setup.

If you’re finding that a smell around you is throwing off your vaping experience, rest assured that it’s merely a temporary issue. And, if anything, use it as a fascinating lesson about how the senses of the body work when interpreting flavor.

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