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Candy King Jaws (100ml)

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Candy King JAWS 100ml E-Liquid

JAWS by Candy King in 100ml, you ready for some rubbery sharks with white bellies? This vape juice has been designed to taste just like those addictive candy. Nice blueberry gummy with a rich vanilla experience more flavor when you chew now liquefied without the cavities for pure enjoyment.

One good pull will draw in an ample vapor cloud that contains every last drop of flavour you might have expected. Candied blueberry mild and sour, fusing with soft tones of vanilla as you inhale. When you go to exhale the taste just sticks like glue to your tongue, so it lasts a little longer in your mouth, making you feel like you're just enjoying the real candy.

Candy King E-Liquids are the brain child e-juices of Drip More based in Sunny Southern California a premium e-liquid manufacturer dedicated on providing top-of-the-shelf vape juice flavor profiles at an incredible price. 


  • 100mL Chubby Gorilla Bottle
  • Flavor Profile: Vanilla, Blue Raspberry 
  • Available Nicotine: 0mg, 3mg & 6mg
  • Made in USA 

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