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Jam Monster Lemon E-Liquid (100ml)

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Jam Monster Lemon 100mL E-Liquid

Lemon by Jam Monster E-Liquids, a new flavor of a delicious blend of fresh lemon goodness and warm fresh buttered toast. This is a perfect combination of flavors that compliment and enhance one another to create a fruity and dessert explosion. 

Monster Vape Labs, a premium E-Liquid Brand hails from Orlando, Florida; Made with All Top Quality U.S.P. products. Monster Vape Lab's flavor profiles are a sweet homemade fruit jam on buttered toast  with a powerful taste and a smooth vape. It is very sweet, buttery and tastes just like the real thing. Jam Monster E-Liquid prides itself in providing high quality e-liquid vape juice through research, development, rigorous testing and innovation. Jam Monster E-liquids are dedicated to providing  some of the best vapor liquids and vapor products on the market.Comes in a 100mL Chubby Gorilla Bottle for a great value at an unbeatable price.

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  • 75/25 VG/PG
  • Flavor Profile: Lemon Jam, Buttered Toast
  • 100ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle
  • Made in the USA
  • Avaible Nic: 0mg. 3mg or 6mg 

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