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Mighty Vapors Frozen Mystery Pop E-liquid (60ml)

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Remember when mom used to give you a fruity ice pop after you spent all day playing in the sun? Mighty Vapors Frozen Mystery Pop E-liquid (60ml) will instantly bring back those treasured memories thanks to its taste that's reminiscent of that satisfying treat. You'll taste a symphony of fruity flavors that refresh the palate and delight the sweet tooth. The kick of menthol at the end will captivate you with its icy taste, keep you refreshed as you enjoy each summertime vape session.

When you inhale, you'll enjoy a burst of tartness from the fruity blend. You'll find yourself trying to guess which fruits you're tasting as the tartness gradually makes way for sweetness. When you exhale, the punch of menthol leaves you absolutely rejuvenated.

Mighty Vapors Frozen Mystery Pop comes in a 60ml unicorn bottle with a 70/30 VG/PG base, perfect for chasing some cool clouds while getting a good throat hit.

Once you vape this mysterious menthol-infused icy pop e-juice flavor, your taste buds will be craving ways to solve how vaping good it really is, especially when the temps really start to soar.


  • Flavor Profile: Fruity Ice Pop, Menthol
  • Available Nicotine Level: 0mg, 3mg or 6mg  
  • 60mL Unicorn Bottle
  • VG/PG: 70/30
  • Made in the USA 

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