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Naked 100 Salt Menthol Mint (30ml)

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Naked 100 Salt Menthol Mint (Previously Arctic Air)

One of the best NKD 100 salt menthol flavors Mint,  frozen mint leaves chilled with liquid menthol to create the most authentic and pure ICE flavor to date. 

This Arctic Air Salt flavor is HIGH IN NICOTINE and meant ONLY for mouth-to-lung devices - THIS E_JUICE IS NOT MEANT FOR DRIPPING ATOMIZERS OR SUB-OHM TANKS.

 What is Salt Nic? 

Nicotine salts are an alternate form of nicotine that is used to replace traditional free base nicotine. What separates nicotine salts from free base nicotine is the process of extraction, they bond cat-ionic acids from the tobacco leaf with the acid’s free hydrogens using a cryogenic freeze. This results in a nicotine base that has a much smoother nicotine delivery than free base nicotine, as well as a cleaner taste. For example; if you were to try a 50mg liquid made with free base nicotine in a closed pod, it would be too harsh to vape. While a 50mg liquid made with nicotine salts is easy to vape, and deceivingly strong. 

 Naked 100 E-Liquid is one of the best e liquid, world class and a world famous line-up of delicious fruity blends that combine expertly blended flavor profiles with USA Vape Lab's cutting edge manufacturing. 

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  • 30ml Dripper Bottle
  • Flavor Profile:Mint, Menthol ICE
  • Salt Nicotine
  • Available in 35mg or 50mg
  • Made in the USA 

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