The "Broadora" By BJ Box Mods & Psychosis INC

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The "Broadora" By BJ Box Mods & Psychosis INC


The newest collaboration in the mech game! The Broadora..... This setup consists of the Broadside Tube Mod from BJ Box Mods, paired along with the Pandora RDA from Psychosis INC.

The Pandora 25mm RDA from Psychosis Inc is a U.K. designed two post, four terminal, flavor RDA with redirected bottom airflow. The Pandora implements a few key design features for maximum flavor delivery which include: a unique redirected bottom airflow system, flavor condensing fins cut into the inside of the domes top cap, and compatibility with 810 drip tips. The build deck is designed with a very unique airflow system which brings in air from two bottom channels and redirects to four perpendicular air channels under the coils. The build deck also consists of a two post, four terminal design with large terminals for mounting numerous types of specialty coils. Enhanced flavor is achieved on the Pandora RDA with the aid of the flavor condensing fins which are rifling styled groove cuts. 

This is one heck of a great looking combination, and we KNOW you're going to love it as much as we do! These are very limited!

The Broadora Specifications:

  • Single 18650 tube mod
  • 25mm diameter 

1. Delrin lined tube to decrease the likelihood of shorts from damaged battery wraps.
2. Mechanical button with 3 points of contact, no springs or magnets needed. This helps to reduce hot buttons and misfires.
3. Silver contacts, no hybrid connections and no accidental shorts from using the wrong atomizer.
4. Proper vent holes direct venting downward and away from your head and eyes.
5. Works with 18650 High Drain / High Amp Battery Cells (NOT INCLUDED)

Pandora RDA Specifications:

  • 24mm Diameter
  • Two Post Build Deck
    • Two Terminals Per Post
      • 3mm Diameter Each Terminal
      • Top Mounted Allen Screws
        • Flathead Grub Screws Included
        • Phillips Pan Head Screws Included
    • PEEK Insulator
    • 5mm Deep Juice Well
      • Unified Juice Well
  • Adjustable Restricted and Wide Airflow Options
    Flavor Condensing Fin Cutouts in Top Cap
    • Three Slot Restricted Airflow
      • 3mm by 1.5mm Each Airslot
    • Single Wide Airflow
      • 3mm by 8mm Each Airslot
  • 810 Drip Tip Fitted Top CapCNC Engraving
    • Wide Delrin 11mm Bore Drip Tip
    • Tapered Delrin 11mm Bore Drip Tip
  • Copper 510 Connection

Brand Recognition:

Broadside Mods is manufactured by BJ Box Mods from Maryland. Broadside Mods were designed to produce reliable, powerful and the safest mechanical mods. Broadside comes in Copper, Brass and Aluminum but also have limited Titanium releases. The broadside mechanical tube mod comes with a mechanical button with 3 points of contact eliminating springs or magnets. Designed with safety in mind, all vent holes are directed downward away from the user.  

Battery Safety:

  • Understand Amperage Limit. DO NOT strain battery
  • Replace batteries with torn wraps
  • Keep batteries in approved casing
  • Keep your charger in sight
  • Buy Batteries from Trusted Source
  • DO NOT use Damaged Batteries
  • DO NOT Leave batteries in car
  • DO NOT keep batteries in your pocket with lose change or keys
  • DO NOT allow battery to come in contact with water

All Warranties will be handled by Broadside Mods. We do NOT have spare parts and ONLY sell finished products.

All serial numbers will be randomly sold. We do not inspect serial numbers or accept special requests for serial numbers. Thank you for your understanding.

This device is strictly for ADVANCED USERS and it is NOT recommended for beginners or those who do not fully understand your battery's Amp Limits in correlation with your Atomizer's Resistance.  Use a married pair of new/genuine high drain batteries with this device.  Please be aware that there is no low-voltage protection in this unregulated box, so be aware of what voltage your batteries are firing at. There is also no over-current protection, so keep in mind the amp limitations of your batteries as well.  Use with extreme caution and always check your resistance with a meter (check often)!  By purchasing the product, you agree that you are knowledgeable on how to properly use this product and that we are NOT responsible for any misuse or accidental malfunctions of this product.


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